Prospective buyers want to envision themselves living in your home. Removing your personal effects will help them mentally move in. Creating a clean, clutter- free environment will help sell your home. 


•  Mow the lawn, pick up sticks, leaves & sweep walkways.
•  Remove cars from driveway & hide trash cans.
•  Put toys, bicycles away & store seasonal decor.
•  Stow garden tools, supplies & remove garden hose & caddy.
•  Straighten deck furniture. Clean pool area if applicable.
Add Extra Touch
•  Fill planters with flowers, add a colorful flag & spread fresh mulch.
•  Remove all visible clutter, Open shades, blinds.
•  Wash windows, glass doors. Replace burnt light bulbs.
•  Empty wastebaskets.
•  Hide pet dishes, toys & beds.
•  Turn all lights on!
•  Vacuum carpets & sweep hard floors
•  Turn off televisions, remove newspapers & mail.
•  Display attractive books, minimize knick-knacks & remove personal photos.
•  Remove art from refrigerator, store food in cabinets, de-clutter counters & stove.
•  Stow small appliances, hide soaps, cleaning items. Hide dish towels, sponges.
•  Clear sink of dishes, put away draining racks & organize open shelves.
Add Extra Touch
•  Place fruit bowl on counter or display fresh pastries.
•  Make the beds & arrange decorative pillows. 
•  Put away clothing & shoes. 
•  Clean under the bed so nothing shows.
•  Clear surfaces of clutter.
•  Straighten dining room chairs, add centerpiece & candles.
Add Extra Touch
•  Set the table for dinner.
•  Add a vase of flowers.
•  Add a bottle of wine & glasses.


•  Make the bathroom sparkle.
•  Hang fresh towels.
•  Clear counters of toiletries.
•  Clean mirrors & Close toilet lid.

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